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I think maybe there really is something WRONG with me

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Name:Johnny C.
A roleplay journal for JtHM. No, I'm not Jhonen or anybody.

Warning to the unaware: JtHM is short for Johnny the Homicidal Maniac. He kills people, rants about everything from deep philosophical questions to the UFOs he swears are following him, screams insults at Pillsbury doughboys and has a dead rabbit for his voice of reason. There's a daemonic entity living in his basement walls, not to mention the endless torture chambers that he doesn't remember building. Not that that actually means anything, since he has amnesia.

Johnny cannot die or be caught. This causes him rather a lot of anxiety and confusion, because he's regularly in very dangerous and violent situations and he knows that he should be dead or in an insane asylum by now. (Admittedly, he lives in a universe of total idiots--probably the same universe as Invader Zim, since they have the same creator--but even by that standard something weird is going on.) Maybe the daemon in his basement likes him, or Heaven is keeping him alive so he can contain it, or something like that.
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